IMPORTANT: Just as patients are expected to respect your appointment, we also ask you to respect our appointment. If you choose to schedule a call, please ensure you can show up on time.

On our call, we will help diagnose your problems and provide tailored recommendations based off your current practice size, team and goals in order to 2X - 10X your revenue in 12 months using our proprietary E.G.F™ System + Software without wasting your 10+ years of trial-error guessing & dealing with blood-sucking mediocre hourly/salary based partners.

300+ Clients Managed (Early Stage Startups to Fortune 500) Since 2012

Our Top-Notch 10,000ft View Mechanism & Execution Workflows from $100K ARR to $100M ARR in 3 Years then 2X-10X ARR Every Single Year

Network of 139,000+ Accredited Investors to Suit Your Funding Needs

30+ Media Leaders for Your Public Exposure as The Expert

Partners with The Leading Tools & Software as Our Insiders' Advantage



📉 Are You Frustrated with Losing Potential Patients to Competitors in Your Area Over-and-Over Again?

📉 Have You Been Spending $30,000+ toward Marketing & Sales Gimmicks But Still Unable to Gain ROI?

⭕ Stop Buying Poor-Quality "Leads" from "Typical Lead Gen Agencies" who Only Cares with Your Retainer

✅ We Fill Your Pipeline with "Real Appointments", NOT "Junk-Leads" that are Shared with 9 Other Doctors

Our Proprietary "E.G.F SYSTEM" Will Help You Skyrocket to 7-9 Figures by:

✅ Generating Leads For Your Practice (Clinic) (Typical Agencies Stop Helping You Here

& They Provide You The Same "Junk-Leads" that are Shared with Their Other 10 Clients)

✅ We Continue to Contact and Qualify Your Leads to Ensure They are Qualified...

✅We Continue to Jam-Pack Your Appointments (+Optional: Collect Deposit Upfront)...

✅ We Continue to Confirm and Make Sure They'll Show Up to Your Appointments On-Time...

✅ We Continue to Help You Scale-Up Your Practice (Clinic) to Multi 7-9 Figures & Multi-Location...




⭕Begging for Referrals, Wasting 10+ Years of Trial-Error, & Hiring Mediocre Staffs

⭕Dealing with Unqualified Patients, Low-Ballers, Freebie-Seekers & Tire-Kickers

⭕Bombarding Your Staffs 24/7 with "Junk-Leads Handling" & Endless Follow-Up

⭕Attending Endless Events & Networking Desperately Hoping for Exposure

⭕ Don’t Get Sucked Down The Plughole Wasting Your Precious Time on Marketing, Sales, & Revenue.

⭕ Why Waste Your Time, Focus, and Cash Trying to Learn a Whole New Skill and Maintain The Latest

Upkeep when We've been Specializing in Doing All The Hustle for Private Practice (Clinic) just Like Yours?

⭕Stop The Trial-and-Error Guessing Games. Don't Waste Your 10+ Years of Lifetime Guessing/Gambling!

✅ Start Becoming the #1 Go-To Top Choice Practice (Clinic) in Your Area instead of Your Competitors!

✅ Get Your Practices and Appointments Running Every Single Day Even during Economic Recession!

✅ There are High Value Patients in Your Area Seeking Your Services. Be Their #1 TOP CHOICE Today!

📊📈 Use Our Proprietary "E.G.F™️ SYSTEM" to Get You from "I Need New Patients" to "I Get 27-84 Patients Per Month on Auto-Pilot & On-Demand in 12 Weeks or Less"

🚀GUARANTEED: 27-84 Patients in 84 Days Consistently

OR We'll Refund You without Any Questions Asked

✅ Ready to Transform Your Practice to Multi 7-9 Figures?

If You’re Able to Receive 27 - 84+ Patients Every Month in 84 Days, then Schedule Your 1-ON-1 Growth Strategy Session with Me or Our Results-Driven Team to See If Your Area is Still Available or Not + Identify If We are a Great Fit to Help you Scale-Up Your Practice to Be The #1 Go-To Patients' Solution in Your Area

Forget about "Junk Leads" => We Get You "Real Appointments"

+137% Higher Spend Per Patient

Never lose a client again. Make the most out of each patient through our EGF™️ SYSTEM from Front-End to Back-End A-Z

+79% More Referrals Coming-In

Watch your referrals snowball as patients get incentivised to share your companies with their friends and family - #1 Choice

+357% More Google Reviews

Become the top-ranking company in your area by incentivising real, 5-star Google reviews from your patients every single day

$500,000,000 Cash Collected

Powering Industry Leaders! Since 2012, we've been helping startups & enterprises with their marketing, sales, & rev.ops

27-84+ Qualified Appointments

Number of qualified appointments our average client receives per month. The number depends on their business model.

1M+ New Customers (Clients)

We have helped 300+ of our clients generated over 1 million customers (clients) profitably and on-demand since 2012

Who is This "Guaranteed Partnership" Best for?

Whatever your business in the health & wellness industry, we will help you with our end-to-end digital marketing solutions all of which are focused on driving more appointments, leads, inquiries for you. Whether you’re starting up your practice from scratch or seeking to enhance your current online presence, we have developed a proven approach to marketing that can help you drive more qualified appointments.

We help a number of different type of Doctors, Health & Wellness Experts, and Health-Tech industry

ranging from Startups, Large Enterprises, & Private Practices (Clinics) Per Location, including:

ABA Therapy Providers


Addiction Treatment


Allergy & Immunology

Alternative Medicine

Assisted Livings


Bariatric Surgeons

Beauty Salons


Body Contouring


Cancer Care / Oncologists


Cosmetic Surgeons

Dentists & DSOs



Digital Health




EHR Companies

ENT Doctors

Fertility Specialists

Facials & Fillers


General Surgeons

Gyms & Fitness


GPs & Physicians


Holistic Practices

Homeopathic Medicine

Hospice Care




Integrative/ Functional Medicine

IVF & Fertility

​Joint Pain

Laser Hair Removal


Massage Therapists

Medical Practices

Med Spas

Mental & Behavioral Health


Nutritionists & Dieticians




Oral Surgeons

Orthopedic Surgeons


Otolaryngology - ENT’s

Outpatient Care Centers

Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapists


Pain Management

Pediatric Therapists

Pediatric Dentistry




Plastic Surgeons

Primary Cares

Private Practice Doctors



Rehab & Addiction Treatment

Regenerative Medicine

Reproductive Medicine


Senior Care

Sleep Medicine

Speech Therapists

Spine & Neurology


Urgent Care Centers


Vascular Centers

Vein & Vascular Doctors

Veterinary Medicine


Weight Loss Clinics

+ Many


We Understand.

Growing Your Practice (Clinic) is SIMPLE..... BUT HARD AS F**K

Here's Your Current Lingering Painful Problems (Issues) as Your Bottlenecks/Objections to Scale-Up toward 7-9 Figures...

Why are some specialists and doctors still struggling to attract patients – while others easily get 27-84+ patients per month - and can’t even keep up with the demand?

Challenge accepted!

Ecosystem Flywheel™️ solves your digital bottlenecks.


Your specialty being undervalued & underpaid by this healthcare system...

🛑 Your Google rank doesn’t accurately reflect your high quality of care…

🛑 Your finances being squeezed by inflation & hiring headaches…

🛑 You are facing big-pocket competition…

🛑 You’ve had a bad experience with recent marketing efforts…

🛑 You’ve tried digital marketing but you get too many “bad leads”...

🛑 Your digital leads turn into ‘no-shows’ and it’s costing you a lot of money...

🛑 Your front desk team is trying hard but leads still fall through the cracks...

🛑 You don’t have time to babysit your team on potential patient follow-up...

🛑 You're working more days than you want to, because your schedule isn’t full...

🛑 You're frustrated that you can’t see the ROI on the thousands you spend on ads...

🛑 You're sick of paying for click-throughs... You just want MORE PATIENTS CONSISTENTLY!

🛑 Your website isn’t ranking in the search results for your services in your area. Potential patients are searching for your services online. When people need services in their area, they take to search engines like Google.

Take a second to do a quick Google search for “urologist + your city” or “botox + city in your service area.” What do you see? If your company isn’t at the top of the search results, you might as well be invisible—especially if one of your competitors ranks higher than you.

🛑 You're struggling to grow your team as expanding your team and growing your practice go hand-in-hand.

🛑 “You aren’t generating enough leads”

Are people visiting your website but not getting in touch with you?

🛑 “You aren’t attracting new patients”

Having trouble increasing your online visibility, so you can attract new patients?

🛑 “SLOW SALES” "Rollercoaster Revenue"

Stagnant or declining sales due to low-quality leads or low lead volume


that exceed your budget and put a strain on your business

🛑 “WEAK ONLINE PRESENCE” Subpar brand identity due to a nonexistent online reputation, weak online authority, or an underwhelming digital presence, and impotent exposure as you're not an expert in digital matters

🛑 "Posting on social media" –

only to receive 2 likes and a “Sounds amazing” comment…

🛑 Advertising traditionally –

where most people probably don’t even notice their ads, let alone take action…

🛑 Building a fancy website –

hoping and praying that someone will stumble upon it and call them to book…

🛑 Inconsistent Client Acquisition:

You are making money, but month-over-month your growth is a guessing game. You haven't nailed down one specific traffic source which you can "turn up" whenever you want to make more profit.

🛑 A Good, But Not Great, Offer:

Anyone can sign up a few patients, but now you're trying to get to the big leagues, and just offering what everyone else is offering won't cut it, you need to create an offer "patients can't refuse."

🛑 As Fulfillment Scales, Profit Falls:

You believe "this is how it is"

🛑 You're Using Youtube Videos As "Business Advice":

Look, we love a good Youtube video as much as the next guy, but you can't use these general videos to solve your specific problems. You've likely outgrown your previous environment and are hungry for knowledge, but make sure it's specific to your current situation and from someone who has been there.

🛑 You're Eating Lunch While On Sales Calls:

I remember those days, you prayed for more booked appointments, and then when you finally got them you found yourself on calls from 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week. Getting the right high-performance remote marketing and sales team can be tricky, but essential for scale.

🛑 Everyone Around You Is Making Less Than You:

This isn't an ego thing, but you know you're the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with, so what does that make you? It's hard to find hungry, motivated, and successful people willing to share their time (one of the reasons we created this mastermind in the first place).

🛑 Emotional, Not Data-Driven Decisions:

The best (and most profitable) businesses in the world are run as a science experiment. You know what your control is (booking rate, close rate, cash-per-call, cost-per-call, lifetime value, refund rate, etc.) and you test variables against it (low ticket funnel vs. call funnel, new offer, increase in price, new sales funnel, etc.) to find the winner.

If this is the first time you see some of those words, you may be in trouble.

🛑 Complexity Creep:
What started as a Google Sheet and your phone has now evolved into 17 softwares, 12 funnels, 3 offers, and 1 stressed-out person. It is possible to have "more with less", but choosing what to keep and what to cut can be difficult.

🛑 "Your website isn’t getting enough traffic"

Without consistent site traffic, you’re missing out on valuable visitors, leads, and revenue.

🛑 "Your CPL from digital ad campaigns is too high"

Tired of wasting dollars on ad campaigns?

🛑 "Your website isn’t generating enough leads"

Struggling to get qualified leads in your pipeline?

🛑 "Your marketing and sales data is disconnected"

Don’t let leads slip through the cracks.

🛑 You're unable to hit our patients and revenue goals

Not happy with lead and revenue numbers?

🛑 Managing your digital campaigns takes too much time

We get it — managing & optimizing digital campaigns takes a lot of work.

🛑 You tried hiring marketers and buying leads…

Though they all promised to solve my customer acquisition problems, they all fell short in one way or another.

🛑 It just seemed like there should be an easier way.

You've been struggling with this for years and eventually took things into your own hands. Invested 30,000’s of dollars in marketing – still not working.

🛑 It's been 10+ Years of Trial-and-Error Guessing +Hiring Mediocre Teams Who Don't Know How to Scale-Up to 7-9 Figures.

Honestly, Is This The Best Way To Generate Leads?

Your current sales methods and systems could be doing more harm than good for your company.

🛑 Constantly Begging For Referrals?

Are you begging friends and family to send you business, just to have no consistency or predictability of income?

🛑 No Data Behind Current Marketing?

Are you completely lost on the current metrics of your marketing actions? Do you have a REAL system in place to track and attribute deals and clients?

🛑 Cold call terrible online leads, knock on doors, go to networking events, and even pester friends and family, but still come up with nothing.

🛑 Churn and Burn Lead Generation Agencies, Appointment Setting AKA "No Show" Agencies…

They'd like to say they got your back.

They'll shout from the rooftops that you'll get hundreds of appointments & hundreds of thousands in guaranteed revenue...

It all smoke and mirrors and they say they GUARANTEE their results


- Agencies advertise free exams front and center but that just brings in people that can't afford your main service. And then you've got to deal with that conversation with a future patient that is already frustrated and confused and try pitching your services.

- Now your advertising a paid offer hoping you'll build a book of business but you and I both know making $29 isn't worth your time & now you've got to upsell hard trying to make a buck to pay for your equipment, staff, and taxes.


- Agencies will use automatic text messaging and calendars to schedule people who aren't qualified, remind them a million times to show up and when you try to call them, magically they turn into 'no pick up no show ghosts.'


- Even if the agencies does call back the leads, they'll spend 30 seconds on the phone with the only goal of booking them on the calendar. Not qualifying them, not seeing if they have finances set aside, and zero discussion about credit, money, or co-signers. And that means your going to be selling to someone that cant buy.

We get it.

It’s frustrating when outside factors make it hard for you to run a n impactful practice (clinic). These challenges lead to higher stress, overwhelm, and even have a negative impact on your team & patients.

You need a way to control your marketing and finances even in a challenging healthcare economy…

But you don’t know a better way! (Cause if you do, what're you doing here?)

You haven’t been shown a reliable system that attracts new clients ON DEMAND…

…and I’m NOT talking about cheap discount customers…

…but GREAT QUALITY CLIENTS who are READY to book now ✅

…and actually show up to their appointment ✅

…and RE-BOOK frequently as part of their lifestyle, not just a bi-annual special treat ✅

Convert "bad leads" into more appointments ✅

The truth is there are no “bad leads” — only broken processes. Digital leads expect you to respond immediately.

They don’t care if it’s midnight, Sunday morning, or lunch break. The research shows that if you don’t reply right away, they’ll move on to the first one who does. It sounds simple enough. But the ideal follow-up is impossible for even the most-motivated front desk to pull off.

And that’s why you need Ecosystem Flywheel as your growth partner to help you do it quickly and efficiently.

Growing your company takes so much more than just generating leads. But that’s where most marketing companies start and end.


Because getting leads is the easy part. It’s what you do with your leads that will make the difference between living your dream and struggling just to stay afloat.


📊📈 Use Our Proprietary "E.G.F™️ SYSTEM" to Get You from "I Need New Patients" to "I Get 9-27 Patients Per Month on Auto-Pilot & Consistently in 12 Weeks or Less"

✅ Imagine when you walk into your company on a Monday morning, being able to greet your team with a smile and get to work without stressing finances, because you already know that marketing has filled this week’s schedule.

✅ You’ll be able to keep your wages & benefits competitive, retain your best people, and hire when you need to. And ultimately, more people in your community will get the high-quality care that only you can provide.

✅ Do you want to spend more time with your family?

✅ How about building your website into an asset, and have clarity & confidence around the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns?

✅ What if you could grow your company by
27-84+ patients in the next 84 days, guaranteed?

✅ Want to save time and get more and better leads?

✅ Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to ‘window shoppers’, time wasters and prospects that ghost on you?

✅ Wouldn't it be nice to actually get new patient bookings on demand, without lifting a finger?

✅ Imagine how much time and space would open up in your lifeif you didn’t have to wonder where your next client would come from…

✅ Imagine checking “marketing” off your list…while your appointment book gets filled in the background, at the same time.

Stop chasing “leads”.

We do all the leg-work.

✅ We will generate the leads,

✅ Follows up with the leads + qualify them, and

✅ Books the appointments in your calendar every day.

All you have to do is just
show up and treat your patients- that's it.

✅ Area exclusivity: we only help 1 practice of the same kind per area to be the #1 go-to doctor in your area

✅ 27-84 Patients Per Quarter - We GUARANTEE minimum 27-84 patients every 84 days

✅ Get High Quality , Repeat Patients from our EGF SYSTEM

- and up to a 90% re-booking rate! Enjoy the recurring income from repeat customers for months and even years after your campaign is over!

✅ Make Your Offer "Cold-Friendly"

We’ll audit and help you turn your offer into an irresistible “cold-friendly” offer that attracts & converts strangers into long-term patients. Many of our clients have an offer that is not strong enough for the larger market. The best marketing, sales, and revenue optimization tactics won’t make up for an “okay” offer.

✅ Scale Your Client Acquisition

We will help you identify and build the entire client acquisition channel that is guaranteed to be the easiest and most profitable way to scale. There is no “one size” approach, each acquisition method is custom based on your offer, budget, avatar, assets, and previous experience.

✅ Fire & Free Yourself

Now that you’re acquiring new patients consistently and profitably you can begin to build systems and hire team members that will operate and scale your business with or without you. Many of our clients got into business to achieve freedom, now you finally have it.

✅ Acquire More Patients Predictably & Consistently

We’ll help you build a fully automated client-acquisition system that “sucks in” complete strangers and turns them into hot prospects eager to buy your products and services - without you lifting a finger. You will never again have to wonder where your next sale is coming from.

✅ Increase Your Top-Line Revenue

It’s not unusual for our clients to DOUBLE and even TRIPLE their revenue within just a couple of months of working with us. We’ll work closely with you to help you identify and remove any bottlenecks that are holding you from scaling to the next level - whether it’s 6, 7, 8 or even 9 figures.

✅ Increase Your Profit Margins

This is what sets us apart. Our company makes around $1M a month at a whopping 50% profit margin and we want to help you accomplish something similar. Our goal is not just to help you scale your revenue, but to actually allow you to take home as much money as possible.

✅ Free Up Your Personal Time

What’s the point of making all the money in the world if you are working every waking hour? We are going to help you hire the right people and create the right systems so you can remove yourself from day-to-day operations and finally create some free time for yourself.

✅ Positively Impact More People

If you are amazing at what you do and you are making a positive impact on people’s lives, it would be a waste of your talent not to go all in and reach millions of people. We can help you share your message with the entire world and create a massive, lasting change.

Forget about "Junk Leads" => We Get You "Real Appointments"

Say No More to Mediocre Employees & Agencies

⭕Lengthy Contracts: 12 Months

Expensive: $18,000 Program

Lead Generation Solution

Inadequate communication.

⭕Buying leads from giant lead-gen companies only to find you’ve been overpaying for leads that have been sold to 9 other doctors? (typical agencies)

Unresponsive Leads that don't answer.

Oversell Marketing Strategies or Exaggerated Marketing Promises

Ecosystem Growth Flywheel (EGF) System Partnership

✅ No B.S. Campaign: 3 Months

✅ Result-Based. You Win Big First

✅ Appointment Generation Solution

✅ Direct Onboarding & Reporting

✅ Exclusive! We ONLY HELP 1 PRACTICE in 1 Area so that You Will Be The #1 Go-to Doctor in Your Area. Beat All Competitors!

✅ “One-Stop Solution” for ALL Your Marketing Needs, which will make your business ultra-profitable, and much easier to run. No more relying on a Typical Lead-Gen Agency or Medirocre Newbie Marketers!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will This Successfully Work in Your Area?

Yes! We spend tens-of-thousands of dollars every month in different types of markets across the country.

This is R&D is performed to ensure you always have the highest converting ads, offers and systems.

And indeed, this is why we are confident to guarantee you 27-84 customers in 84 days or we refund without any questions asked.

What are The Benefits of Our Partnership?

We guarantee you at least 27-84 patients in 84 days or we'll refund every investment you've made, no b.s. excuses or questions asked!

In addition...

If you’ve been relying on traditional marketing methods for your business, it’s time to upgrade your marketing strategies. When you invest in our digital marketing services, you’ll experience benefits such as:

1. Build better brand recognition

Brand recognition plays a critical role in helping your company growth. When you invest in digital marketing services, you’ll build better brand recognition for your business and expose more people to your company, and boost your local search rankings too.

Let’s look at some stats that show the power of online marketing and building your brand:

a. Brand awareness increases by 80% after viewing a PPC ad

b. 74% of people follow brands on social media

c. 70% of people are willing to learn about brands through YouTube

d. 50% of Americans that follow a brand on social are loyal to it

As you can see, people are willing to learn about brands through digital marketing strategies, and many people experience an increase in brand recognition.

Not only does partner-up with us lead to increased brand recognition, but it creates more opportunities for you to reach people interested in learning about your company.

2. Drive more leads

When you partner with an us and start running campaigns, you’ll drive more leads for your business. Digital marketing plans allow you to target interested prospects and personalize their experience, making them more likely to choose your company.

Look at some of the stats that back up how online marketing drives prospects to your business:

a. Content marketing drives 54% more leads than traditional marketing

b. Email marketing is the most successful lead generation method, driving 50% more sales than other methods

As you can see from this glimpse into digital marketing, partnering with us help you drive more leads. Not only that, but it lets you drive more leads that convert, which brings us to our next point.

3. Book more jobs and earn more revenue

When you partner with a marketing, sales, and revenue optimization specialist, you’ll book more appointments and drive more revenue for your business. Digital marketing helps you reach and engage prospects that billboards and radio spots can’t reach.

Let’s look at some stats about how companies use digital marketing to earn customers:

a. $44 for every $1 spent is the average ROI for email marketing

b. 43% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers got clients through Facebook

c. 14.6% is the close rate of search engines, compared to 1.7% for traditional marketing

d. $8 for every $1 spent is the average return on investment (ROI) of Google PPC ads

e. 6X more conversions happen for businesses that use content marketing

Partner-up with an experienced, results-focused agency can help you take full advantage of the benefits of digital marketing.

Are There any Requirement on Your Company?

As a rule of thumb, we've found the companies with the highest degree of success with our services are generating a minimum of $300,000/yr in revenue. However, this is not a requirement to be more successful though!

How Many Leads Can You Expect?

Leads and new patients are the life blood of your practice (clinic), so if for some reason you’re in a period of lower leads…

It may seem tempting to entertain the ‘can you handle 300 new leads a month’ people spamming your inbox, buy cheap shared leads from lead gen agencies or believe the promises from low-end marketing agencies that promise the world.

Almost without fail, these methods lead to heartache.

The Facebook ads guru stops paying your account as much attention, and you’re flooded with spam leads – or once any of the mentioned methods fully kick in that fancy quick leads fix… turns into very little real business.

This is why instead of JUST focusing on increasing the quantity of leads – we focus on trying to get the highest quality leads WE CAN EFFECT, by going hard on Google – because when people are actually searching for the service you offer, they’re much more likely to have an INTENT to purchase.

Many of the ways to get as many as possible leads quick, will burnout your sales people with low-end opportunities, and lead you down the path to a race to the bottom pricing-wise. We want to help you increase REAL APPOINTMENTS, not just barely lukewarm contacts from someone who accidentally clicked on a Facebook ad, or used a pricing calculator on Home Advisor once.

Let us help you drive REAL APPOINTMENTS through multi-channel omnipresence system.

We guarantee you at least 27-84 patients in 84 days or we'll refund every investment you've made, no b.s. excuses or questions asked!

How Do Your Leads Compare to Others?

It is time to stop buying reused leads only to compete against other doctors for those leads. Our leads are exclusive to your company, so you don’t have to fight over the price or lose deals down to your competitors along the way.

This is one we see all the time. Terrible leads with an egregious split. But If that’s what you want, we don’t know what to tell you.

We allow you to break free from that, and not have to rely on anyone else to have a full pipeline.

We are not like other companies that resell leads to the same company in the same space. You can trust that all of the leads provided to you are exclusive and unique. It's your time to stop buying reused leads only to compete against other doctors for those leads.

Our leads are exclusive to your company, so you don’t have to fight over the price or lose deals down to your competitors along the way.

We are not like other companies that resell leads to the same company in the same space.

We put quality services and leads to the forefront of our services offered so that all of the leads provided to you are exclusive and unique.

We ensure we satisfy our clients with exclusive appointments and potential patients. It is better to have just 100 clients that are satisfied with us rather than having 1000 clients that are frustrated because the same leads are given to their competitors.

Remember, we'll help you become the #1 go-to doctor in your area as we only help 1 practice in 1 area, that's it! No sharing leads! No B.S.

How Will The Proprietary E.G.F™️ System + Software Help You 2X (DOUBLE) YOUR REVENUE?

We will help you get pre-set appointments and grow your business to greater heights.

We are digital marketing, sales, and revenue optimization experts who have been in the field since 2012 with over 300+ clients from small businesses to large enterprises and we are penetrating our experience as your ONE-AND-ONLY partner to get you patients every single day.

Our methods will empower you to let go of the traditional door-to-door marketing techniques and expose you to the online generation of pre-qualified appointments!

We also offer a custom-made, lead generation system specific to your practice that will use our collected data to get you fast appointments and increase your sales.

While most companies rely either on Facebook for cheap, low quality leads, or pay too much on Google or from shared lead providers… we find that primarily using Google and YouTube ads creates the most optimal balance for high-quality leads and appointments at cost effective price points.

We guarantee you at least 27-84 patients in 84 days or we'll refund every investment you've made, no b.s. excuses or questions asked!

How Soon Will You See Results (ROI)?

Great question, this will mainly depend on a few things:

- What services we're doing for you

- How quickly we can get access to your campaign-required accounts (hosting, analytics, etc)

BUT HEY! None of these technical timeline matters. As soon as we partner-up we'll build the foundation required for you to conduct your jobs, which we guarantee 27-84 jobs (customers) in 84 days.

This will be our 1st campaign together and you'd have grown rapidly only from this 1st campaign and will keep growing to be the #1 go-to service in your area, crushing all of your competitors.

What’s Different about Ecosystem Flywheel than Buying Leads from Typical Agencies?

With leads given to you from many other types of lead generation services – you’re buying off of a list that has said they need your service, but hasn’t said they WANT YOU.

We help you build an asset in your website that gets people to take a look at your company and actually become a FAN.

They want to work with you and thus become a little less price-focused, and a little more BRAND focused.

Creating a brand, and getting leads from YOUR website, also means you don’t just have to compete on price, which can be a giant race to the bottom – as I’m sure you’ve experienced.

Why is Mining of Data Important?

We have gained experience from more than 3000+ marketing campaigns since 2012. During that time, we carefully gathered more than enough data to help us specialize in our methods. It helps us to target only the “needle” rather than the “haystack” which brings “credit qualified” homeowners who have a high interest in your service right into your pipeline.

We discovered that:

1. It may be difficult to generate a reliable pipeline of eligible candidates because many companies have not mastered their marketing strategy.

2. Many companies are struggling to book new appointments and turn those opportunities into closed deals.

It can be very frustrating to buy leads from these companies because of the reasons above.

These leads are given to you and your competitor at the same time because they are just reselling them to you.

At the end of the day, these companies do not care if you leave them because they have others to sell the same leads to.

We have gathered the data and advantage needed to give you exclusive, qualified leads with pre-set appointments as well and we treat you as our lifetime partner, not "customer".

What Happens After Your 1st Campaign?

Unlike those other guys – we don’t believe in tricking Doctors into some crazy contract. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to earn your business. So After your 12 weeks campaign with us, you can keep scaling-up your area or leave. Totally up to you. No tricks.

And we are able to do this because we are so confident in our ability to provide the best results in the industry that we don’t need to trick people into contracts. Our clients CHOOSE to work with us every single year because they know we get them the highest-quality results available.

That’s Why Our Clients Only Pay When They Get Results...

Most Agencies charge monthly retainers for marketing. This means that even if you get poor results, you are still paying that marketing agency. It just doesn’t seem fair that you would have to pay for uncertain results.

So we decided to provide a Pay-Per-Appointment and Rev.Share System after 12 weeks. This means, that the only time you’ll ever pay us is when we ACTUALLY deliver qualified appointments and customers.

And this means that our company is in perfect alignment with your company.

The only way our business can grow is if YOUR BUSINESS grows.

Since our company is hyper incentivized to grow your company, we leverage every method of marketing available, including “free” advertising methods, including email and text marketing.

Our team is well versed in several marketing platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, TikTok, etc… Which means that we know EXACTLY where your audience is, and EXACTLY how to turn them into patients walking through your door.

That's It.

We only win if YOU WIN FIRST!

So, let's win together... or lose alone?

What is The Total investment?

Always love this "action-taking" question! Price is what you pay, value is what you get, damn right!

The investment can range between $1,000 - $30,000 monthly as no two companies are the same. Let our team get to know your company, growth goals, and your market. Then, we can build you a custom done-for-you package best suited to help dominate your market.

We understand paying for marketing services can feel like you’re going out on a limb, and paying an arm and a leg.

We try to make pricing super simple because we know not everyone can or should afford us at the beginning, and we believe in transparency in all things. We’re not actually more expensive than our competitors if you look at what we’re giving for the money.

But isn’t that how it always is?

Think about a roofer who works with the lowest quality materials, doesn’t replace rotted decking, and cuts corners every chance he gets.

That’s what we’re up against with these cheap copy + paste marketing companies that offer all-in-one packages for a couple thousand dollars. They barely do anything, and are likely more profitable than us, because unfortunately many contractors don’t know before it’s too late. But they just churn and burn clients, and we get judged for it, because we’re a ‘marketing agency.’

Well – we decided to take a different route.

We want to be the high-end, but value-priced marketing agency that has the respect of the home services industry. We work with many other businesses like you, so we don’t have to learn basic things on your account. We go custom we they copy and paste, and aggressive and consistent when they ‘set it and forget it.’

We’re not expensive. We’re just focused on giving value, more than being the lowest price, and we encourage our clients to make financially responsible decisions they’ll ever make for their marketing, sales, and revenue optimization because we MAKE YOU REAL MONEY.

But enough talk – let's jam-pack customers to your companies and rule your area ASAP before your competitors do!

We guarantee you at least 27-84 patients in 84 days or we'll refund every investment you've made, no b.s. excuses or questions asked!

Why is There a Quarterly Commitment to Partner-Up with Us?

We get that with all the options for agencies that exist, having one ask you to ‘go steady’ for an entire year – may feel a bit forward.

Really that’s why we believe it’s super important on both sides of this decision, we emphasize making sure that there’s a good fit, and why

we’re selective about the clients we help.

We do several things the first few months on every account that are very expensive time and effort wise. Some agencies charge a ‘set up’ fee, but we’ve offset those costs by spreading them out over time and we believe a quarterly commitment is a small price to pay for working with a premier growth partnership agency that’s going to be investing serious effort into your marketing and the relationship.

We understand if this scares off people who want a more casual open relationship with their agency, and I’m sure there’s some fast and loose agencies out there that won’t care one bit if you want to jump in and out of a relationship with them for a few months.

That’s not us, and so we ask clients to sign an agreement to work with us for at least 3 months, and then the agreement goes 3 months to 3 months after that. We aren’t gonna throw the law book at you for trying to leave, but we will have a serious conversation and there is an early termination fee.

We stand behind our work, and hold ourselves to a very high standard of execution – and benchmarks every account should be hitting. If we aren’t making you a healthy return on your money, we can talk about ways to round down the partnership. We’re not in the habit of being an ‘expense’ – we’re generally a serious ‘investment’ and will always be working towards that vigorously.

Do We Get Your Reporting? If so, How Often?

People hate it when they try to talk to their agency and there’s no response or one tiny change on the website takes 2 months.

We do monthly reporting rhythm with you so you can always help us personalize our approach to your account, but you also are welcome to call, email or text us anytime during the month, and we’ll be quick to respond.

Not working with 100’s of clients at once, allows us to actually maintain a high-quality of customer service for the clients we do have.

Our reporting will walk through not only what we completed that month with everything documented in monthly and year over year key stats and graphs to benchmark performance – but we also talk through the leads we got and what turned into real revenue, so we can continue to optimize our efforts towards ‘closed business.

Reporting is on a monthly rhythm, talk to us anytime, and rest assured our work is getting completed throughout the month with our documentation showing you what we’ve done each month!

Do You Offer Refunds?

We guarantee you at least 27-84 patients in 84 days or we'll refund every investment you've made, no b.s. excuses or questions asked!

if we fail to meet our end of our agreement as an company due to our own fault. The client will be entitled to a refund.

FYI: This never happen as at the beginning, we ONLY offer you to partner-up IF WE'RE 100% SURE we can help you.

Why does Ecosystem Flywheel also use Youtube to get leads?

YouTube is less expensive than Facebook and Google ads because you only pay when homeowners watch at least 30 seconds of your video.

This way, you’re only paying for those who are interested enough to listen to your pitch.

This is a fast way to effectively reach these potential customers, educate them on benefits, and get them to book their appointments online.

People don’t want to be sold. They want to be taught on YouTube.

This gives them a feeling of control over the entire process and gets them interested in what you provide.

Why Should Doctors Invest in Digital Marketing?

Doctors should invest in digital marketing because when 97% of people need a treatment, the first place they look for one is online. If you doesn’t have a better online presence than your competitor, you are almost guaranteed to lose out on leads and new booked patients.

We provide full-suite digital marketing services for you. This includes everything from SEO, PPC, and website design to social media, phone tracking, and instant unified chat platform. Your company will most likely need SEO, PPC, and website design as core services. Beyond that, which services are best for your business depends on your goals, your service area, your budget, and other factors.

Instead of spending up to $18,000 on a "program" that promises to teach you how to generate leads online by yourself, we will help you at a lower cost, while you focus on your business without wasting 10+ years of trial-and-error guessing and keep up-to-date to the latest method.

This gives you an added advantage of saving time and not having to learn the complex world of marketing, online psychology, buying behaviors, copywriting, creatives, omnipresence, sales, revenue optimization, & software required to run it flawlessly.

What Does Your Web Design Process Look Like?

1. Discovery – meet to dig up competitive advantages and emotional hooks.

Understanding what makes your company is extremely important. This understanding is central to everything we do in design and will define the direction of our website design.

2. Wireframes (or blocking out the main functionality and layout)

Our designers have 30+ years of combined experience doing data-driven, effective design. We focus on clearly displaying your services, showcasing elements and visuals that will help people trust you, and take action.

3. Visual design with what makes you special at the heart of the design

We know your customers have a lot of options to choose from, that’s why a gorgeous website with easy-to-use navigation and a clear

visual difference from your competitors is so important.

4. Development (on WordPress so it’s easy to edit)

We know how to make websites easy-to-use. For your customers AND you. We develop using the content management system WordPress because it’s the premier option for small businesses, editability, and Search Engine Optimization.

5. We launch the website

We do 5 layers of Quality Assurance, help you get all of your content into the site, and can even help write it if needed. We’re here to make the process go smoothly. First, we do a soft launch, and then a champagne pop launch if you want! Have we mentioned we like this, and are fun to work with?

6. Optional: Build traffic with SEO.

We know how to get your website more traffic through Google search. Content marketing and building links from other websites are key components, but the technical side of SEO, reporting, and our creative roofing marketing ideas are also things our clients love about our services.

What’s The Timeline for Perfectfly Built Website & Funnel?

With our bespoke websites, it will usually take around 100 days and in that time we do a fully custom design and development so that it matches you and your company.

But we have our own proprietary software that we will share with you too that take around 10-30 days to build a customized website and sales funnel for you to be ready for incoming targeted traffic and leads!

How Long Does It Take to Get SEO Results?

Results do not happen overnight and that’s something you need to know going into this. We say usually 9-15 months to see an upward trajectory in links, keywords, and traffic – and 15-36 months for more obvious ROI on an increase in leads and closed business. It definitely helps if you already have traffic on your website, and have a domain over a year old.

We like to draw the analogy of ranking your website on Google & other search engines as investing in a piece of virtual real-estate. Your website, similar to a investment property requires:

- Redesign costs

- Maintenance costs

- Upgrade costs

However, once your site is visible to hundreds-to-thousands of your ideal patients every month who are actively searching in your area for your services. You not only place yourself in the greatest position to be found by your prospective patients, you also are able to begin to creative a massive ROI from your initial investment.

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